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Our law firm (LEGASPI LAW) was founded in the year 1969 is a cohesive multi-disciplinary team of legal professionals who possesses in depth knowledge of specialized fields of law backed by extensive experience earned over 40 years in the practice of law in the Philippines. LEGASPI LAW is a law firm in the Philippines with head offices in Makati City, Metro Manila and a branch in Calapan City, Oriental Mindoro in the southern Philippines.

The Firm is committed to the best global ethical professional advocacy in Philippine law. The Firm provides the most value to its clients, with loyalty and fidelity to their causes at all times, and with due respect to professional and ethical responsibilities as members of the Philippine Bar.

The Firm’s expertise comes from having dealt with a variety and wide range of clients and the legal challenges confronting them. With solid domestic client base comprising of reputable corporations, as well as some of its most eminent individuals and families, we likewise represent clients all over the world.

A full service firm, our practice areas cover a wide range of legal problems and issues, we have an extensive general practice in corporate and commercial law, corporate rehabilitation, election law, labor and employment law, family law, civil/criminal/labor/corporate litigation and appellate practice, arbitration, alternative dispute resolution, banking, government and other contracts, tri-media law, project finance securities, infrastructure projects, investments, insurance, product quality/liability, commercial, real estate transactions, computer and internet law, maritime and admiralty law.

The Firm had been recognized by different publications as offering highly specialized services in areas such as civil, criminal, labor, corporate and maritime litigations. Lawyers of the firm also received the Rotary Club of Makati McKinley District 3830’3 Service Award for Legal Service in Rotary International –for the years 2007 and 2008.

LEGASPI LAW’s clientele represents the full spectrum of business and industry, government, as well as professional organizations and individuals. Servicing the Firm’s clients are lawyers in the different practice departments offering timely, diverse and strategic solutions matched with cost-efficient administration and expert handling of client’s requirements. A testament to our valuable service is that some clients have been with us for a very long time.

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