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Aiming to strengthen the party in preparation for the May 2010 elections ABAKADA PartyList held its first general assembly last February 6, 2009 in Quezon City. The assembly was called in consonance with the party's Constitution and By-Laws and pursuant to a resolution passed during the party’s First All Leaders Assembly held last December 15, 2008.

delegates from 44 chapters nationwide, the general assembly ratified a new constitution and by law to reflect the expansion of its purposes and its membership to encompass such other basic constituencies as non-academic personnel and other school workers, parents, students, out-of-school youth and other educational reform advocates.

"This event is significant because for the first time since its founding in 2004 the party held an assembly with members exercising their democratic rights to select their leaders and aggressively promote its basic objectives of protecting the rights and promoting the welfare of its expanded constituency," newly elected Secretary-General and founding member Dean Ed Vincent Albano said in his opening remarks. Albano noted that members can now be fully involved in the party’s affairs and reinvigorate it as a dynamic, transparent and accountable organization.

Elected together with Albano in the whole day affair were Dr. Ricardo de Leon, former Mindanao State University (MSU) President and currently Centro Escolar University (CEU) EVP, as chairman; Rep. Jonathan de la Cruz, as president; Ambassador Reynaldo Parungao, as Chairman, Council of Advisers; 15 Vice-Presidents, namely, CAR, Atty. Benedict Kato; Region 1, Dr. Ofelia Pastor; Region 2, Atty. Abraham Sable; Region 3, Atty. Emmanuel Ocampo; NCR, Ms. Bernadette Galla; Region 4-A, Mr. Ben Fernandez; Region 4-B, Atty. Tirso Peralta; Region 5, Dr. Rodolfo Tor; Region 6, Dr. Gerry Gustilo; Region 7, Ms. Norma Dumogho; Region 8, Atty. Michael Lopega; Region 9, Atty. Pablo Bernardo; Region 10, Ms. Karla Baculio; ARMM, Mr. Saladin Jaafar and Mr. Crispin Soriano, Jr., Vice-President at Large; National Treasurer, Ms. Emily San Juan; National Auditor, Ms. Lillian Albano and General Counsel, Atty. Florante Legaspi, Jr.

Representatives from the country's biggest teachers' organizations including the Teachers Dignity Coalition (TDC), Teachers Incorporated (Teachers Inc.) and Manila Public School Teachers Association (MPSTA) and other dignitaries also attended the assembly as guests and delivered solidarity messages.

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