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Consistent education drive needed to sustain Manila Bay rehab

A consistent education campaign is needed to maintain the early gains of the Manila Bay rehabilitation drive and get the citizens involved in the project. This, said ABAKADA legal counsel Atty. Florante Legaspi Jr. to ensure that stakeholders and volunteers will understand their crucial role in the daunting task.

The Manila Bay Rehabilitation Project is a major program that will take years to complete. This is why it is crucial for stakeholders to have all in commitment in the project. They must be here for the long haul. Educating them on the importance of their role and what impact their continued participation is to the project is essential to see it through to the end,” Legaspi said.

According to the ABAKADA, setting in place comprehensive education drives and workshops in participating schools, government offices and private companies would help in making the rehab drive viral not only in social media but in the hearts of the participants.

It is also a platform to discuss the role of civilians in the Manila Bay reaching its current state because of their practices so that they may adjust their routines or habits accordingly to reverse the damage.

“What we are trying to avoid here is for this campaign to be a one-time thing for the participants. Coastal clean ups are an eye opener for those who experience it firsthand but what we want to achieve is solid commitment from these participants to continue doing what they are doing, even when the trendiness of the rehab drive fades away,” Legaspi said. “We want to have stakeholders who are ready to literally get down and dirty even though it will involve a ton of hard work and very little glamor.”

“We are all affected by this pollution. You don’t have to look very far in seeing its impact — instant flooding along Roxas Blvd at the first hint of heavy rains, even more flooding in nearby cities and communities. We see the trash floating by and understand immediately where it came from. It’s time to become part of the solution and we must see it through to the end. It’s time to walk the walk after we’ve talked the talk,” Legaspi said.

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