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Manila Bay rehabilitation is the perfect opportunity to educate public on environmental laws

As the ABAKADA Party-list fully supports the drive to fine the firms responsible for polluting Manila Bay, it also sees the rehabilitation drive as an opportunity to educate the public on the existing laws to protect the environment.

The party-list’s reaction came at the heels of the DENR’s announcement that it will be penalizing companies as much as P200,000 a day for violating the Clean Water Act.

“We believe that by fining these firms for violating environmental laws, we are sending a positive message that the government is serious about rehabilitating Manila Bay,” said ABAKADA Partylist General Counsel Atty FLORANTE LEGASPI JR.

“It is also a perfect opportunity to educate the public on the existing laws that we have so that they may become partners in enforcing the law.”

Legaspi, whose organization has been recognizing the importance of environmental protection, said the Manila Bay situation reflects that of the Boracay issue perfectly.

He added that firms have become complacent in taking shortcuts to save on money without regard for the environmental impact of their practices and what hazards they pose to nearby communities.

According to the DENR, firms should not be allowed to dump their wastewaters in the esteros and should have their own sewerage treatment plants in place before they will be allowed to operate again after securing permits from the department, as well as the DILG and the DoT.

“The Filipino people should be treated as a part of the solution. As such, they should be empowered to do the right thing. In order to do this, they must learn what they need to be vigilant against so they can report if they witness violations. They should be made aware of the law so that they too will rectify their practices if they contribute to the problem,” Legaspi said.

“We are already dealing with the consequence of our decades old neglect and now we have a chance to correct it. Rather than simply pointing fingers at who is at fault, let us all be involved in charting the way forward by working together and doing our part,” he added.


Atty Florante Legaspi Jr

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